The decision to put your property on the market is not one that you will take lightly or in haste. That’s why I like to spend time with you and explore all the possibilities and options; and share my knowledge of the market with you. With the added benefit of Mandy, Michelle and Lynda to assist him, Shaun is able to offer an extremely high level of service for his clients. Shaun has the specialist knowledge to understand the unique factors that can trip some people up when dealing with rural land; “Shaun Tong provides a marketing campaign that gets you results – and a service that keeps you informed.”

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Top tips – selling

Selling your property should be a well organised process that brings a successful sale and there are many things that can help you satisfy yourself that you’re going down the right road.

Look around your area at what has sold recently although remember that small blocks for sale that haven’t sold aren’t necessarily a true indication of what your property is worth.

When you interview Shaun for this important process make sure you’ve checked out his testimonials and properties recently sold to reassure yourself that this is a salesperson that has a proven track record and is highly regarded by his clients.

Make a note of when the sun lights up your property the best and advise Shaun and his team in readiness for taking photos.

Be prepared to put in some time to present your property at its best.  Weed gardens, mow lawns, trim hedges and inside, polish floors, clean curtains, tidy paper work away, organise toys into boxes and if you can move large pieces of furniture to storage it will make rooms appear bigger.  You can also “dress” rooms to add appeal.  Shaun can help you decide what would be good to get done.

If you have made alterations to buildings on your property, make sure you have everything signed off with the council and certificates available, this makes negotiating a sale so much easier and less stressful.

Inform your lawyer and get any necessary legal advice.  Shaun will in almost all cases ask that your solicitor is involved to check over legal documentation prior to your sign off.