With the added benefit of Mandy, Michelle and Lynda to assist him, Shaun is able to offer an extremely high level of service for his clients. Talk to friends and colleagues, look at the local press and surf the internet to get a feel for the current property market and small blocks for sale, to create a picture in your mind of what you are looking for. Prepare a list of needs and wants and a list of areas you would like to live in. Keep in mind your budget when making up these lists. With the attraction of New Zealand’s clean, green image and New Zealand as a safe haven, more and more overseas people are looking to acquire property in New Zealand.
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Bare land checklist

Physical considerations


  • Pegged and fenced?


  • Any Rights of Way that may affect you or surrounding property
  • Entranceways formed or do they require culverts/upgrading etc?


  • Good boundary fencing?
  • Further internal fencing required?


  • Usually the vendor is responsible for all costs associated with subdivision
  • From resource consent being granted it can take up to or in some instances more than six months until issue of Title
  • Settlement occurs upon title issue in most cases
  • Check services to be supplied and easements to be created
  • Check land covenants

Building Platform

  • Cost of earthworks required (if any)?
  • Retaining walls required?
  • Required distance from boundary for buildings?
  • Engineer’s report?

Effluent Disposal

  • Check with local Council for requirements
  • Run-off


  • Planting to enhance – prior to building
  • Wind protection required?


  • Required for run-off or for flat land?


Water Supply

  • Bore on property?
  • Easement from neighbours bore, dam or spring?
  • Cost of putting down your own bore?
  • Cost of rainwater storage tanks?
  • Cost, location, associated costs of reticulation, pumps, power, tanks, troughs?
  • Water meters, usage (domestic, stock, gardens, toilet, irrigation) cost of sharing electricity to pump and maintenance?
  • Alternative water supply – natural spring, dams/ponds


  • Location of nearest transformer?
  • Distance to house site, sufficient power supply, easements required
  • Alternative power supplies such as solar or wind.
  • Three phase or single phase power available?


  • Availability of phone lines
  • Mobile reception
  • Internet access – cable or wireless
  • Broadband capabilities
  • TV reception


Land Covenants

  • Full list should be supplied or available through lawyer
  • Ensure you can meet requirements
  • What else is happening in immediate surrounds?
  • Buildings, plantings, activities


  • Inclusive or exclusive?
  • Will you be claiming GST?
  • Are you GST registered?
  • Zero rated supply