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Problem solved flyer No. 17

Answer: The catcher and umpire  

Problem solved flyer No. 16

  Answer:   Turn both sand-glasses. After 4 minutes turn upside down the 4-min sand-glass. When the 7-min sand-glass spills the last grain, turn the 7-min upside down. Then you have 1 minute in the 4-min sand-glass left and after spilling everything, in the 7-min sand-glass there will be 1 minute of sand down (already spilt). Turn the 7-min sand-glass upside down and let …

Problem solved flyer No. 15

Answer:   The two lambs are two of a set of triplets.  

Problem solved flyer No. 14

Answer: The wise man told them to switch camels.  

Problem solved flyer No. 13

Answer: Throw the ball straight up in the air.  

Problem solved flyer No. 12

  Answer: First, you take the chicken so he won’t eat the corn. Then, the corn. For the trip back you take the chicken with you. On the next trip you leave the chicken and take the fox terrier so he won’t eat the chicken. After you drop off the fox terrier you go back and get the chicken.        

Problem solved flyer No. 9

Answer: 4 kids get an apple (one apple for each one of them) and the fifth kid gets an apple with the basket still containing the apple.    

Problem solved flyer No. 8

Answer: Keep the first bulb switched on for a few minutes. It gets warm, right? So all you have to do then is … switch it off, switch another one on, walk into the room with bulbs, touch them and tell which one was switched on as the first one (the warm one) and the others can be easily identified …    

Problem solved flyer No. 7

   Answer: Fill the 5-litre bowl and overspill water to the 3-litre bowl, which you empty afterwards. From the 5-litre bowl overspill the 2 remaining litres to the 3-litre bowl. Refill the 5-litre bowl and fill in the 3-litre bowl (with 1 litre), so there stay the 4 required litres in the 5-litre bowl.